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    The PubNub Real-Time Network Joins Forces with Windows Azure Mobile Services

    Real-time just got a whole lot easier for .NET developers everywhere as the super-fast PubNub Real-Time Network is now available as an add-on through the Windows Azure Mobile Services platform.

    Now Windows Azure users can leverage the PubNub Network to add real-time experiences to both new and existing apps. Using a simple API, with just a few lines of code, any app has instant access to powerful real-time features such as:

    Real-Time Data – Broadcast to millions of users at a time or to individual devices all in less than .25 seconds

    Presence Detection – Instantly know everyone using an app and automatically detect when additional users join or other users leave

    Data Visualization – Get better insights with streaming real-time data visualization


    Some of the many uses for PubNub include deepening second screen interactions in Social TV apps like Viggle, powering new wave telecommunications services like Rebtel and improving engagement with the real-time voting associated with many new advertising campaigns. In fact, millions of users today use thousands of PubNub-powered apps across social, ecommerce, business collaboration, advertising and multi-player gaming. This new integration with Windows Azure means that number is sure to grow.

    To get started:
    If you are using Visual Studio and have NuGet installed, getting started is just as easy as searching for the PubNub package and installing it. Some great walkthrough screencasts for using PubNub with NuGet can be found here.

    Otherwise, if you’d prefer to manually install the PubNub client code for C# on Visual Studio (or any other IDE, platform, and language), just visit our GitHub site at, and peruse for the client of your choice!

    In addition to this partnership, PubNub is simultaneously releasing an updated C# library as part of a continual effort to provide the easiest API and best development experience.

    Built something cool with PubNub and Window’s Azure? Let us know so we can help get the word out to our fans. Please let us know if you have any questions.