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    SANTA CLARA, CA--(Marketwired - Jan 12, 2017) - Glassbeam, Inc., the premier machine data analytics company for the Internet of Things (IoT) industry, has announced support for Tableau 10, providing users with enhanced data mashup, visualization, and dashboard authoring capabilities for solutions built with Glassbeam IoT Analytics.

    Since the launch of its cloud-based analytics service, Glassbeam, a Tableau OEM partner, has supported integration with Tableau on top of the Glassbeam platform to facilitate high performance analysis of machine data relevant to business operations across the enterprise, including customer support and product management. With the release of Tableau 10, Glassbeam is expanding this integration by offering enhanced data-mashup capabilities, interactive dashboards, and improved visualization benefits for users of Glassbeam.

    "Glassbeam's solution, powered by Tableau, represents an innovative application of Tableau for the emerging Internet of Things industry," stated Stephanie Richardson, Director of Product Marketing at Tableau. "The combination of Glassbeam and Tableau offers a powerful solution for joint customers to collect, process, and analyze data generated from connected machines."

    With the ease of a cloud-based service, Glassbeam provides the ability to ingest, parse, and analyze machine generated data from IoT connected devices. Glassbeam's unique data transformation and preparation engine can easily convert even the most complex machine data into structured and meaningful formats. This structured data can then be presented through multiple Glassbeam applications using Tableau. These new features in Tableau 10, combined with Glassbeam's innovative analytics capabilities, helps businesses build state-of-the-art products, make support groups profitable and unleash new revenue streams.

    "This latest release of Glassbeam, with support for Tableau 10 provides a powerful combination of machine data analytics and top-notch data visualization," stated Puneet Pandit, CEO and Founder of Glassbeam. "Through our partnership with Tableau, we are pleased to be able to offer this improved functionality to our customers."

    About Glassbeam

    Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company bringing structure and meaning to complex data generated from any connected machine in the IoT industry. Glassbeam's next generation cloud-based platform is designed to transform and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful solutions on customer support and product intelligence for companies including IBM, EMC, Springpath, Gridscape, Aruba Networks, and Dimension Data. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @Glassbeam.













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    SmartUX 5.0 simplifies collaboration between IT and Business teams with pre-built app templates, role-based access control and end-to-end suite of mobile app analytics

    SAN FRANCISCO, March 22, 2017 /PRWeb/ —  PowWow Mobile, the leading enterprise mobility platform that allows companies to deliver powerful, modern native mobile apps quickly, simply and economically, today announced the latest release of its SmartUX™ Platform version 5.0. The new enhancements will simplify collaboration between IT and business teams through new levels of speed, visibility and controls.

    SmartUX 5.0 is the most powerful platform for the rapid design and deployment of enterprise mobile apps. The enhanced platform features include pre-built micro-app and universal app templates to accelerate the creation of mobile app projects and role-based permissions that provide individual users or departments with access to projects, as well as preview and sharing of apps with specific teams. In addition, SmartUX 5.0 will provide users with the new SmartUX™ Dashboard, an end-to-end suite of analytics and performance monitoring for apps built on the SmartUX Platform.

    “Improving the way that employees share and collaborate on mobile app development, as well as access to critical analytics on how apps are being used, represent a key and very welcome area of improvement in PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX 5.0 release,” said Adam Holtby, research analyst, enterprise mobility and productivity, Ovum Research. “Mobility, and particularly mobile apps are a valuable element of digital transformation efforts. For organizations, being able to identify the habits and usage patterns associated with mobile apps will be important in reporting on how mobility initiatives are contributing to broader digital transformation objectives.“

    The SmartUX Platform 5.0 Features: 

    Micro-App Templates and Universal App Templates – New app templates deliver the ultimate experience in speed and productivity. Micro-app templates allow for rapid mobile enablement of common organizational workflows including employee timecards, multi-system approvals and corporate directories. Universal templates provide a more granular set of pre-built interfaces that are commonly used in all apps such as login, list view, calendars, shopping carts, etc. These templates can easily be dropped into new or existing SmartUX projects.

    When building an app that leverages an existing application, the universal template also maintains the current data model of the source application such as SAP, Oracle, and PeopleSoft. This capability further accelerates the development of mobile apps, alleviating the need to re-map the existing application data to the new mobile app.

    SmartUX Dashboard – SmartUX Dashboard is an advanced analytics suite that provides users with comprehensive real-time and historical insights into the adoption, usage and performance of enterprise mobile apps deployed with the SmartUX Platform.

    Role Based Permissions – Support collaborative development across multiple departments and projects, allowing for centralized access control and project visibility. With the new collaboration functions in SmartUX 5.0, business units have the ability to innovate while still giving IT the control and security they need.

    PowWow Mobile disrupts the speed, complexity and economics commonly associated with delivering productivity enhancing apps to an increasingly mobile-first workforce. The PowWow SmartUX™ Platform accelerates mobile app development by transforming existing Windows, web and Java applications and workflows into modern mobile experiences or; by creating net new apps that connect to any third-party data source, API or SQL. With PowWow Mobile, users can easily design and deploy personalized, intelligent and secure apps that run anywhere, on any device (PC, laptop, tablet, phone or watch) and any OS (iOS, Android, Windows 10, or HTML5). 

    “The goal of the Smart UX 5.0 release is to provide our customers with a solution that not only breaks down complex processes that occur with app development, but one that breaks down the barriers that commonly exist between IT and business users,” said Jonathan Kaplan, co-founder and chief technology officer, PowWow Mobile. “We want to provide our technical and non-technical users with platform enhancements that drive collaboration in a simple-to-use environment for a streamlined experience when developing business apps. We also want to empower all users by providing real-time actionable analytics into how their apps are performing so they can quickly and easily make adjustments and meet expectations.”

    For more information about PowWow Mobile’s SmartUX Platform 5.0 visit

    About PowWow Mobile

    PowWow Mobile allows enterprises to transform business applications into modern, mobile app experiences. PowWow Mobile eliminates business-IT friction as enterprises seek competitive advantage and increased productivity through mobile for today’s digital workplace. Our SmartUX Platform accelerates enterprise application transformation by creating new, native mobile apps from any web or Windows app, quickly without sacrificing quality, and at a lower cost than custom solutions or other tools. PowWow Mobile works with customers across industries, including financial services, healthcare, telecom, software, consulting and public sector. PowWow Mobile is based in San Francisco. Learn more at


    Kristen H. Rachels

    PowWow Mobile

    594 Howard Street, Suite 301

    San Francisco, CA 94105

    Telephone: +1.678.575.4167














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    Glassbeam wins IoT Excellence Award for our solution.

    By IoTEvolutionWorld News April 03, 2017

    Trumbull, CT, April 3, 2017 — TMC, a global, integrated media company helping clients build communities in print, in person and online, announced today the winners of the 2016 IoT Evolution IoT Excellence Award, presented by TMC and Crossfire Media.

    The 2016 IoT Excellence Award honors innovative products that support the availability of information being deduced, inferred and directly gathered from sensors, systems and anything else that is supporting better business and personal decisions.

    "Congratulations to the winners of the 2016 IoT Excellence Award,” said Carl Ford CEO of Crossfire Media. “The recipients have demonstrated excellence and represent leaders in the IoT industry. We look forward to seeing their future endeavors.”

    Added Rich Tehrani, CEO and Group Editor-in-Chief for TMC, “The IoT is literally changing business and society on a daily basis. The 2016 IoT Evolution Excellence Award winners represent the leading-edge innovators, bringing revolutionary solutions to market.”

    Winners of the 2016 IoT Excellence Award: 

    Company Product
    Benu Networks Benu Networks’ Virtual Service Edge (VSE) Platform
    BullGuard Dojo by BullGuard
    CalAmp CalAmp Instant Crash Notification (ICN)
    Daintree Networks (acquired by Current, powered by GE) ControlScope®
    Digi International Digi Connect® Sensor
    EUROTECH S.p.A. ReliaGATE 20-26
    Gemalto Gemalto's Cinterion® EMS31: Industry-first LTE Cat. 1 Module
    Glassbeam Glassbeam Analytics
    MultiTech MultiConnect® Conduit™
    PogoTec Inc PogoCam and PogoTack eyewear
    Senet Senet Low-Power Wide-Area Network-as-a-Service
    Sequans Communications Sequans Monarch LTE Cat M1/NB1 Platform
    Wind River Wind River Helix Device Cloud
    Zipit Wireless, Inc. Bushnell Trophy Cam HD Wireless

    For more than 20 years, TMC has been honoring technology companies with awards in various categories. These awards are regarded as some of the most prestigious and respected honors in the communications and technology sector worldwide.  Winners represent prominent players in the market who consistently demonstrate the advancement of technologies. Each recipient is a verifiable leader in the marketplace.

    About Crossfire Media Crossfire Media is an integrated marketing company with a core focus on future trends in technology. We service communities of interest with conferences, tradeshows, webinars and newsletters. Crossfire Media has a partnership with Technology Marketing Corporation (TMC) to produce events and websites related to disruptive technologies. Crossfire Media is a division of Crossfire Consulting, a full service Information Technology company based in New York.

    About TMC

    Global buyers rely on TMC’s content-driven marketplaces to make purchase decisions and navigate markets. This presents branding, thought leadership and lead generation opportunities for vendors/sellers.

     TMC’s Marketplaces:

    • Unique, turnkey Online Communities boost search results, establish market validation, elevate brands and thought leadership, while minimizing ad-blocking.
    • Custom Lead Programs uncover sales opportunities and build databases.
    • In-Person and Online Events boost brands, enhance thought leadership and generate leads.
    • Publications, Display Advertising and Newsletters bolster brand reputations.
    • Custom Content provides expertly ghost-crafted blogs, press releases, articles and marketing collateral to help with SEO, branding, and overall marketing efforts.
    • Comprehensive Event and Road Show Management Services help companies meet potential clients and generate leads face-to-face.
    • For more information about TMC and to learn how we can help you reach your marketing goals, please visit Contact
      Jessica Seabrook
      Marketing Director
      203-852-6800, ext. 170

      Edited by Ken Briodagh












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    Leading product manufacturers are early adopters of Glassbeam Support Analytics to deliver higher efficiency and reduce overall support costs

    SAN JOSE, CA--(Marketwired - May 1, 2017) - Glassbeam, Inc., the premier machine data analytics company for the connected products and Internet of Things (IoT) industry, today announced that it has expanded its Support Analytics solution leveraging its patent pending Rules and Alerts Engine. The functionality expansion has come through new features that improve analysis of complex machine log data. As an example, leading organizations like Dell EMC are utilizing Glassbeam Support Analytics solution to provide proactive, predictive, and prescriptive customer support for its portfolio of infrastructure products and services.

    Support Analytics is Glassbeam's core solution to address the need of all product support organizations that aspire to revolutionize customer experience in the new age of connected products and Industrial Internet of Things. Sophisticated machines generate complex software and hardware logs all the time. Unfortunately, technical support organizations parse through these complex logs to solve escalations one case at a time thus building tribal knowledge and fragmented knowledge base. Glassbeam's solution solves this problem through automation by capturing all known rules, simple or complex, in its Rules and Alerts Engine engine. This solution is now expanded to allow for deeper correlation and richer definition of complex rules logic such as regular expressions against some of the most complex machine log data bundles and file formats. This allows a real time analytics capability to transform and act on incoming machine logs against all historical known issues leading to dramatic reduction in mean time to resolution (MTTR) for support escalations, as well as automating case creation and providing recommendations directly to end users through customer portals.

    Dell EMC's Converged Infrastructure (CI) Platforms Division (formerly VCE) has been leveraging Glassbeam Support analytics for its portfolio of converged infrastructure products and systems. Dell EMC offers a variety of storage products aimed at simplifying IT infrastructure and modernizing data centers. Dell EMC is using Glassbeam to provide proactive analytics on key operational parameters across the systems it supports, allowing them to modernize their customer service through advanced machine data analytics. Using Glassbeam, Dell EMC's support organization can now not only easily monitor an entire CI system for potential problems but with enhanced Rules and Alerts functionality they can monitor complex threshold conditions to ensure that support teams can preempt incidences of downtime by proactively addressing potential causes of malfunction.

    "Glassbeam's machine log analytics solution not only helps our support team become more proactive at solving escalations but has also helped us automate knowledge base of known issues for internal support group efficiency," stated Nicola Buckely, Senior Director, Global Customer Service at Dell EMC. "With their expanded Support solution, Glassbeam's solution is well positioned to deliver more value to us as we scale our operations and strive to put more automation in our support workflow."

    "Machine log files represent a gold mine for uncovering the unfiltered truth on machine health, status and insight into how customers are using connected products," said Glassbeam co-founder and CEO Puneet Pandit. "Unfortunately up until now, these logs only come to the forefront tactically when accessed by tech support engineers to solve issues, but afterwards they get shoved in the dark and remain hidden from normal view. Glassbeam Support Analytics is a key enabler for shining light on this dark data."

    Glassbeam will be demonstrating its Support Analytics solution at the upcoming Technology Services World conference (TSW 2017) in San Diego.

    About Glassbeam
    Glassbeam is the premier machine data analytics company bringing structure and meaning to complex data generated from any connected machine in the IoT industry. Glassbeam's next generation cloud-based platform is designed to transform and analyze multi-structured data, delivering powerful solutions on customer support and product intelligence for companies including IBM, Dell EMC, Springpath, Gridscape, Formation Data Systems, and Dimension Data. For more information visit or follow us on Twitter @Glassbeam.

    Dell EMC is a registered trademark of Dell Inc.