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    PubNub: Super Speedy Communications Between Server, Mobile & Web


    PubNub is a service that powers your app by delivering real-time communications for mobile, web and server. It is known for delivering ‘human perceptive’ real time experiences that scale to millions of users worldwide. It delivers the infrastructure needed to build amazing MMO games, social apps, business collaborative solutions and more.

    You can experience the speed of PubNub. Type rapidly in one of the texboxs on the site and you can immediately see how PubNub performs in real time. You can also try it on your mobile device.

    You can build low-latency applications that scale to millions of users. You can add presence based push notifications via PubNub’s real-time messaging service. It is designed for mobile. You get seamless auto-reconnect on WiFi, 4G/LTE, 3G, EDGE and GPRS. You also get hassle-free development with 99.99% uptime guarantee.

    It provides you with worldwide replication to multiple data centres for speed and accuracy. PubNub works everywhere. You get going quickly with rich APIs for every popular mobile device, browser and server language.

    This leading cloud service takes care of monitoring and managing the servers, networks, security and administration. They ensure the scalability and reliability of the service and provide you with a guaranteed service level.

    PubNub is fast, globally scalable and is designed for devices to send and receive millions of messages in milliseconds without any excess overhead. Their distributed architecture is deployed worldwide in multiple data centres to deliver local access speeds across the world. With PubNub, any device can publish or listen to any other device anywhere in the world with amazing performance.

    PubNub is an excellent service that enables fast communication in real-time from server to client, server to server or client to client.