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    NanoHorizons Announces Issuance of US Patent

    NanoHorizons Announces Issuance of US Patent for Wash Durable Antimicrobial Textiles & Fibers

    Bellefonte, PA – June 7, 2012 – NanoHorizons Inc., a technology company focused on the development of nanoscale antimicrobial additives for healthcare, textile, and industrial applications, today announced that the United States Patent and Trademark Office has issued US Patent 8,183,167 B1 covering an antimicrobial and antifungal textile substrate with exceptional wash durability and efficacy. Based on a proprietary manufacturing using nanoparticles such as silver, this patented technology is applicable to fabric and fiber products across a broad spectrum of industries where long-lasting, high performance antimicrobial protection is required.

    “This patent is not only another important addition to NanoHorizons’ growing intellectual property portfolio,” states James Delattre, Vice President, NanoHorizons, “but it also provides the marketplace with a solution for high level wash durability and performance efficacy that has thus far eluded current antimicrobial technologies. Although the patent is specific to synthetic polymer fabrics and fibers, our antimicrobial additives can also be readily integrated into natural fibers and fabrics, coatings, foams and polymers to control the growth of bacteria, fungus and mold in devices, textiles and touch surfaces.”

    Leveraging its proprietary technology, NanoHorizons develops, manufactures and markets nanoscale silver additives under the brand SmartSilver® that significantly enhance silver’s inherent powers to control microbial growth. As a result, smaller additive amounts are needed to provide outstanding antimicrobial protection over a longer period of time. In addition, SmartSilver® protection does not thermally or UV degrade. SmartSilver® antimicrobial additives require no compromises in the manufacturing process or in product performance. SmartSilver® enhanced apparel and footwear stay fresh and odor-free. Foams and laminates protected by SmartSilver® resist microbe growth that causes degradation. Coating and plastics formulated with SmartSilver® protection prevent the growth of mildew and odor build-up. Hospital products that incorporate SmartSilver® additives help control bacteria on surfaces. The active ingredient in SmartSilver formulated products is EPA-registered under FIFRA and Oeko-Tex® approved as free from harmful levels of dangerous substances. SmartSilver® antimicrobial additives also have an FDA Device Master File in place. For more detailed information about SmartSilver®, visit

    About NanoHorizons

    NanoHorizons Inc. ( is a technology company in the emerging, cutting-edge field of practical nanotechnology for a broad range of healthcare, commercial and industrial applications. The company’s nanoscale silver antimicrobial additives are entirely developed and manufactured in the USA and marketed globally to customers in the apparel, healthcare, and coatings and plastics industries under the SmartSilver® brand ( SmartSilver® offers highly durable, safe and cost effective bacterial control in a variety of products including natural and synthetic fibers and fabrics as well as coatings, foams and polymer applications. SmartSilver® technology is EPA registered and its additives are Oeko-Tex® approved. The company has a Device Master File (MAF) for the proprietary formulation of SmartSilver® antimicrobial additives on file with the FDA. NanoHorizons’ experienced team of scientists, engineers and operational managers provide product research, design, development and laboratory testing, manufacture, and customer technical and sales support. NanoHorizons is a private equity funded company, headquartered in Bellefonte, Pennsylvania, near the The Pennsylvania State University.

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