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    InMage Announces 4000 Series Unified Backup, Disaster Recovery Appliance

    Data protection and security specialist InMage Systems has introduced the 4000 Series, a backup and disaster recovery appliance designed for small to midsize businesses (SMBs) to enterprises with petabyte-size deployments.

    The 4000 Series, which starts at $8,000 and is currently shipping, is based on a self-contained architecture that includes compute, networking and storage and is designed to occupy minimal space and power requirements.
    The appliance's data protection technology captures data changes in real time at the byte level and allows for continuous backup with near zero impact on primary servers and storage.

    "We are always looking to provide market-leading solutions to our corporate customers that will complement their existing IT infrastructure," Max Migel, managing director at DataCorp, said in a statement. "When it comes to heterogeneous backup and recovery, partnering with InMage on their new 4000 Series was an easy decision because its technology is easy to use and affordable."

    Features such as compression, encryption, wide area network (WAN) acceleration and bandwidth management are designed to enable replication across geographic distances while minimizing bandwidth costs, maximizing capacity and increasing security.

    Additional features include flash-accelerated hybrid storage pools that leverage SAS drives in redundant, higher performance 1+0 configuration and thin provisioning, zero overhead copy on write, pipelined input/output (IO), dynamic striping and variable block size.

    The 4000 Series also provides the ability to recover to any point in time, at the level of granularity required, such as mails or mailboxes, files and folders, volumes, full server or even the entire site, and addresses hybrid cloud-based disaster recovery, replicating from appliance-to-appliance to a secondary data center or to a range of cloud providers.

    In addition, the platform enables secondary workloads such as reporting, analytics, test and development, as well as granular recovery, including individual email recovery for Microsoft Exchange. Integrated low-latency, high-throughput 10 Gigabit Ethernet interfaces for storage access eliminate the need to purchase external storage networking switches.

    High-density compute and memory allows running hundreds of recovered server instances, and data lifecycle management provides light retention policies. Rounding out the package are native storage capacity optimization features, in-line compression and deduplication.

    "We chose the InMage 4000 because it is a cost effective backup and DR solution all rolled into one magic box," Pat Smith, CIO at Our Kids, a nonprofit provider of child welfare services to Florida's Miami-Dade and Monroe counties, said in a statement.

    Many small businesses are experiencing significant issues with the cost, complexity and lack of capabilities of their data protection, according to a report earlier this year by backup and replication specialist Veeam Software.

    In particular, 85 percent of SMBs are experiencing cost-related challenges with backup and recovery, including high ongoing management costs (51 percent), expensive licensing models (48 percent), and backups either requiring or using too much storage (44 percent).

    According to the report, 80 percent of SMBs are facing complexity-related challenges with their data protection, including backups needing ongoing management (52 percent), too many virtual servers to back up (35 percent), and backup tools being difficult to configure and use (32 percent). More than half (55 percent) of SMBs surveyed said they are planning to change their backup tool for virtual servers by 2014.

    Originally published on eWeek.