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    Glassbeam Analytics Platform for IoT Exposes RESTful APIs


    Being able to connect a lot of things to the Internet is one thing; being able to build applications that actually do something useful with them is quite another. While the Internet of Things (IoT) is all the rage these days, few organizations have any actual capability to take advantage of it. With that in mind, Glassbeam has launched SCALAR, a cloud-based platform for creating analytics applications based on machine data.

    According to Glassbeam CEO Puneet Pandit, SCALAR allows developers to create applications against a central repository of machine data in the cloud. These applications can be integrated with other enterprise applications via a set of defined RESTful APIs that Glassbeam has deployed on its own Infoserver, which is based on the PLAY framework.

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    SCALAR is an analytics application in the cloud that’s based on a proprietary language that Glassbeam developed on top of the Cassandra NoSQL database and Solr search engine platform to structure machine data. The company’s Glassbeam Studio allows organizations to map all that data, and the Glassbeam Explorer application enables search and log management.

    Glassbeam Studio allows developers to map data and define metadata definitions. Applications created via Glassbeam Studio can then be exposed via a set of consistent APIs that makes it easier to integrate analytics applications with other applications in the enterprise, Pandit says.

    IoT’s potential won’t become meaningful reality without applications that makes sense of that data. Even then, these applications must find a way for other applications to easily invoke the analytics generated on the SCALAR platform.

    What makes SCALAR different from an IoT perspective is that instead of requiring developers to bolt on APIs after an application is built, the tools for supporting APIs are baked into the platform.

    Glassbeam recently raised another $3 million in funding that the company is using to fuel additional product development and create an ecosystem around SCALAR. It remains to be seen whether developers take to a platform for building analytics applications that are optimized for IoT. But from a business perspective, the value of IoT investments is not in all the machine data being created, but rather, the insights into all the data that is generated by the analytics application.

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