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    Glassbeam Welcomes Dimension Data to their Family of Customers

    By  Devang Mehta

    We’re thrilled to announce that Dimension Data has joined our fast-growing list of customers. The Dimension Data deal is notable for a few reasons. It marks our foray into the Data Center Infrastructure management market - one that we think is primed for capitalizing on the various capabilities of our machine data analysis platform. And, that is exactly what Dimension Data is using Glassbeam for:

    • Helping plan capacity for virtual machines, storage, servers and IT infrastructure.
    • Setting up alerts, and getting notified, for anomalies in data (based on predefined thresholds)
    • Profiling of usage and security parameters inside different time windows.

    Second, is the sheer heterogeneity of data that will be parsed and analyzed; Dimension Data has more than 4000 clients spread across 25 data centers and the Glassbeam platform will be sifting through millions of data points daily. And that is data that emanates from a large variety of devices – storage servers, virtual machines, etc. We see this as a true endorsement of our ability to parse structured, semi-structured and unstructured data and a combination of these too! Incidentally, Dimension Data is also our hosting partner. We will be hosting a Webinar in early-August that talks about how we partner with them to keep our customer’s machine data secure. We will be putting up details on our Website and on social media channels (LinkedIn and Twitter) as soon as these become available. Stay tuned.