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    Respected Angels Fund First Company to Deliver Enterprise Apps and Collaboration to Any Mobile Device in Minutes

    PowWow is First to Provide Custom Mobile Gestures, Keyboards and User       Interfaces with No Coding; Enable Jointly Controlled Collaboration on        iPadsReceives $1.1 Million in Seed Funding






    SAN FRANCISCO, May 15, 2014 (BUSINESS WIRE) -- PowWow, Inc. today announced the launch of the company and the  availability of its flagship product. For the first time companies can move existing Windows or web applications adapted with a mobile-specific user experience, to any mobile device in minutes, giving employees the freedom to easily and securely access full featured enterprise applications anywhere in the world. The company also announced that it       has received $1.1 million in seed funding and has one of the top banks  and one of the top pharmaceutical companies as customers.                                        



    Until now, a solution hasn’t existed that moves applications adapted for mobile in a way that’s true to the mobile experience. Users with tablets and laptops still find themselves tethered to their desktops. IT can create native applications over several months or years, but this is costly, time-consuming and typically only moves one to two apps to  mobile each year. PowWow now puts more control and power in the hands of IT and users at a fraction of the cost, and faster than any other option.                                        

    “Today companies are stymied by the inability to quickly take rich desktop application experiences and optimize them for mobile,” said  Andrew Cohen, Founder and CEO of PowWow. “When just a few native applications are being ported to mobile each year, users don’t realize  the true benefits of mobile. As a matter of fact many companies report that their employees develop ‘mobile apathy’ because what they’re able to do with their mobile devices doesn’t live up to their expectations. With PowWow, IT and expert users can move thousands of their most  important applications to mobile—and it isn’t just a cut and paste—these applications are now customized for tablets and laptops and allow people  to jointly collaborate on any document. We’re empowering mobile to finally deliver on everyone’s high expectations.”                                        

    PowWow runs Windows and Web applications on any mobile device in  minutes, optimizing them with a unique adaptive user interface technology. The PowWow Architecture, which is based on a patent-pending  software layer, allows each application to have custom gestures, keyboard and UI to be configured by device with no coding. Collaboration has also been built into the PowWow protocol. PowWow makes any single user application multi-user. For the first time mobile users--when given       control by a document’s owner--can jointly edit and co-author in real time. This fulfills a key need to fully collaborate as people leave their desks with their mobile device of choice. PowWow can optimize thousands of applications in hours while maintaining the control and security IT needs to protect users and assets. It can be deployed in on-premise, via the cloud and in hybrid environments and seamlessly  integrates within any back-end hardware and software platform.                                        

    Several large and small companies are using PowWow, including a top five bank, a top three pharmaceutical company, a Fortune one hundred insurance company, and a Fortune 10 conglomerate. PowWow is productively used across many enterprises every day.                                        

    The company also announced that it has secured a $1.1 million seed round from industry heavyweights Dave Schwab, managing director of Sierra Ventures; Mark Angel, Nuance and Kana Software; Kumar Mallavali, founder of Brocade; and Prabhu Goel, founder Gateway Design Automation (Cadence).                                        

    “Deploying windows apps to the tablet has been a poor imitation of the desktop experience,” said Prabhu Goel, Managing Director, Green Span  Ventures. “All that changes with PowWow. PowWow transforms enterprise apps into mobile apps that take advantage of everything everyone wants from mobile—the easy to use gestures, access to important data, and the ability to do anything you could do at your desk, anywhere in the world. Companies are seeing PowWow as a necessary supplement to their VDI, MEAPS and DaaS solutions. With PowWow, mobile devices will finally have the impact on enterprise productivity that they have already had on consumption.”                                        

    PowWow is available immediately and is priced at $25/month per user. A  free trial is available for use with a company’s own applications for select enterprises.                                        

    About PowWow, Inc.                                        

    Founded in 2012 by Andrew Cohen and Jonathan Kaplan, PowWow is a Virtual  Application Delivery and Collaboration platform that frees enterprise users from being tethered to their desktops-- giving them the ability to work the way they want and need to work, no matter where they are. For  the first time companies can move existing Windows or web applications to any mobile device in minutes, giving employees the freedom to easily and securely access full featured enterprise applications anywhere in the world. PowWow also enables joint editing and collaboration on iPads for the first time. Companies can keep the best of their existing IT solutions, while giving users the freedom to use the applications and mobile devices of choice.                                        

    The PowWow management team comes from respected enterprise software companies, including IBM, Lotus, KANA, Sun, Booz Allen Hamilton, and  WebEx. The company sells their services via direct and OEM  relationships. You can find PowWow at .                                        

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